Why do some organisations ditch their DAM software system after using it for only a short period of time?

Ralph Windsor, an editor of DAM NEWS, noticed a recent atypical phenomenon – that organisations are looking for a replacement of their DAM software system when it has only been used for a short period of time.

In the article “Why Resilience and Flexibility are Critical Factors for Successful Enterprise Digital Asset Management”, Ralph considers some of the deeper and fundamental reasons why this is taking place and what factors have contributed to this.

Here are some extracts of which we resonate with.

“Many prospective DAM users start off thinking they have simple requirements.  What they usually learn as they go through the process of choosing and implementing a DAM is their needs are more complex and intricate than they expected. For example, one highly complex area that affects many DAM users is usage rights for media.”

“As should be clear, it is less the minutiae of how systems operate in terms of IT and more about whether the candidate products are flexible enough to handle all the nuances of the organisation and the metadata it may rely on.  Further, not only do they need to be able to handle current needs, but also they must be resilient enough to meet future ones, ideally with minimal re-configuration.”

“Flexibility and having many different configuration options enables a DAM to be resilient because it can deal with far wider range of user requirements than an alternative less capable DAM.”

Read the full article here.