Who Should Have Access to These Digital Assets?

To be able to manage and preserve digital assets and information responsibly requires more than just having a “good software system”. Internal policies must be in place for proper management of digital materials.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system fulfils both requirements. It serves not only as a good software system, it can also help you materialise and reinforce your policies and rules.

For example, your policies may outline

  • who should have access to these digital assets
  • who should be notified of modification or deletion
  • when should a press release go out and who should approve it
  • which are the compulsory metadata values that should be inputted and what controlled format should they be entered in

If you have the policies and procedures outlined, you can configure features in a DAM system to help you fulfil and enforce these rules and policies.

See the illustrations in this article, using Picturepark as the DAM system.