They search and found the right images for corporate branding using… (not Google Search)

Recently, we received a draft copy of functional requirements document (FRD) from a potential customer. One of the requirements is that the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system must have a basic search function



and an advance search function.



Like many other potential DAM customers, they are not aware that there is a new way of searching images, videos, audio and documents (i.e., digital assets) in recent search development. We introduced this new search function to them during the presentation and they were impressed! Now, they include this new search function in the compliance list in their final copy of FRD.

Faceted Search. Never heard of it? But we are sure you have come across it when searching for products at many e-commerce websites.

Take this e-commerce website as an example. You are going to purchase a large screen size laptop with lots of RAM.



Did you notice that the filters displayed at the side panel change dynamically? Only the brands that fulfil the two criteria are shown and the rest are hidden.

Faceted Search is probably the most significant search innovation of the past decade. So how does this work for your digital assets in DAM?

Take this company‚Äôs DAM system as an example. We are looking for some images and videos of their new store opening ceremony. We intend to type the keyword “opening” in the search box, but suggestions are already shown after typing “op” only.



After selecting Opening of flagship store, only the relevant tags are shown in the left panel and the rest are hidden. From the remaining displayed tags, we know that we have images and videos of the events captured in 2015 and 2017, in Singapore and Indonesia.



We narrow down the search further by selecting Jakarta.



From the remaining displayed tags, we know that these four images were taken in 2015 at Jakarta downtown area. We also know that CEO Jane Porter was there too!



By now, you should have been convinced by the power of Faceted Search. You probably also noticed that the dynamically changing list of tags are not only guiding you on narrowing down your search, but also providing quick information of the remaining images and videos shown in the right pane.

If you have read our last blog post, Its time to change how you categorise digital images videos and documents, you should have learned the advantages of using tags to organise your digital assets. As you can see in this blog post, the advantages of using tags are further exhibited in Faceted Search.