Picturepark new release – Search within video; Search faster

Picturepark releases version 8.6 recently. We highlight two enhancements here.


Search within video

As it is so easy to capture video using mobile phones and digital cameras nowadays, more customers are asking us for better ways to search videos in a DAM system.

  • Able to browse to anywhere of a video. Nobody wants to wait for 59 minutes before you can watch the last one minute of an hour-long video!
  • Able to bookmark and label any scene within a video with searchable text!

Here is the good news from Picturepark 8.6:

Borrowing on the progressive-download user experience offered by sites like YouTube and Vimeo, Picturepark 8.6 enables users to jump to any position in a video for immediate playback. Leveraging this new capability, video cue points can now be added that work like video bookmarks. Each cue point includes its own metadata, enabling users to find specific video locations in addition to complete videos. Users can click any cue point to instantly move to that section of the video and begin payback.




Search Faster

We know this enhancement does not sound too sexy to most of you. But when more and more digital files are inside your DAM system, you will start to understand the difference between a system that is designed for scaling to enterprise level and a system that is designed for the general consumer.

Quoting from the comment made in Digital Asset Management News for Picturepark 8.6’s search enhancement…

If you are starting DAM from scratch or maybe just not migrating lots of assets initially, you may not necessarily find out that your DAM of choice doesn’t scale searching and indexing very well until there are lots of assets stored in it and the system performance has fallen off the proverbial cliff.

We can’t agree anymore.

Read the full press release for Picturepark 8.6 here