PDF-XChange Viewer: Highlight, Write Notes and Make Markings Just Like on Paper!

Many people still prefer reading on paper than on the computer. They can highlight, write notes and make markings on the paper as they read.

With PDF-XChange Viewer, you can do just that for your PDF file!

Don’t be misled by the name and thought that it is just a PDF reader, like the Adobe Reader in your computer. The PDF-XChange Viewer provides many useful tools that can only be found in the paid professional version of Adobe Acrobat!

Just like our ways of implementing solutions to our business clients, we do not like to overload you with overwhelming technologies and complex workflows. Hence, we just highlight a few tools that you will definitely find useful and simple to use.


Typewriter Tool

  • You can change font type, colour and size, just like how you use Microsoft Word
  • You can reposition the text by dragging the text box

Highlight Tool

  • Works just like how you use a highlighter pen to highlight texts on paper

Sticky Note Tool

  • Use it like how you would use Post-it note!

Shapes Tool

  • Insert shapes to areas where you want to get reader’s attention



Password Security

  • In case you only want someone you trust to open the document. Access this feature at File > Document Properties… > Security


Once it is saved, this modified PDF file can be re-opened in any other PDF reader e.g. Adobe Reader.

Download PDF-XChange Viewer today!


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