DIW is the sole partner of 4ALLPORTAL in Singapore now!

DIW is the sole partner of 4ALLPORTAL in Singapore now!


4ALLPORTAL is an enterprise-class Digital Asset Management (DAM) software system developed in Germany. It is a content hub for managing digital assets such as images, videos, documents, layout graphics, etc.


What makes it stand out from other DAM systems?


  • Capable of either hosting within your organisation (aka On-premises) or in the Cloud
    • For Cloud hosting, the system will be hosted at Singapore data centre
    • Local implementation and support team


  • No limitation on the number of administrators and users



  • Not just for managing digital files, but can also be configured as a database or record management system for managing data/records related to
    • projects
    • products, artefacts
    • customers, partners, agents, etc


  • Highly configurable permissions, metadata fields, workflows


  • AI auto tagging for images
    • Generate keywords based on image content
    • Generate names of celebrities shown in image
    • OCR the texts shown in image so that they become searchable


  • Able to search by colour, not just by text!


  • Video editing