DIW is a Picturepark Certified Partner now!

DIW is pleased to announce that we are a Picturepark Certified Partner now!

With over 200 solutions used world-wide and across all industries, Swiss-based Picturepark® is perfectly positioned for providing excellent solutions to today’s rich requirements in Digital Asset Management.

Picturepark® is an awarded and user friendly web application. Picturepark allows to efficiently manage all popular rich media files (images, layout documents, illustrations, videos and audio) and to easily find, preview, collaborate and share these digital assets across any organization (inter/intranet). Offering extensive user rights and permissions all digital assets are kept under control, shared with authorised parties only.

Picturepark® is .NET based and runs on MS SQL or other databases. It provides a high degree of scalability and is considered a “3rd generation“ DAM solution by supporting deep integration into existing environments such as LDAP/ADS, CMS, W2P or PIM and by providing efficient workflow support, multi-lingual taxonomy, rich multi-tenant capabilities.