Have you noticed that you and your colleagues spend too much time looking for the digital content that you, your organisation or your customer want?

Digital content is usually in the form of digital image, Office document, PDF, graphic design, video, audio, etc. Generally, they are called digital assets once they are uploaded to a Digital Asset Management system, tagged with metadata and assigned with access rights.

No more guessing where they are

Digital Asset Management system provides a central platform for storing all your digital images and associated data, Words documents, PDF files, multimedia files, etc. With a network connection, authorised users can access the system via the network.


Get what you want within seconds

User can search by document content, tags, description, date, etc. Suggestions are listed while you type in the search box.


Use taxonomy and metadata to organise the assets

Forget about trying to include all information in the filename for each asset. Tag the assets by e.g. departments, events, location, people. The text content of documents, image capture date and other data that are already in the digital assets will be indexed automatically and become searchable.

Of course, if you want, you could still add more info to each asset by creating more custom fields e.g. description, video transcript, product info.


Share with everyone or restricted group of users

Allow authorised users self-serve access to the system where they can search, preview, and download assets by just using web browser.


You only need to store the master copy

When downloading the digital assets, they can be reprocessed automatically and tailored to suit different end usages, e.g. publication, web design, PowerPoint Presentation, etc.

Hence, you only need to keep the original, master copy, and let the system create the derivatives for you.




Who need DAM?

  • Any organisation overwhelmed with digital media files
  • Commercial Companies, Government Agencies
  • Educational and Medical Institutions
  • Museums, Libraries, Resource Centres

Why use our solutions?

Reason #1:

Flexible in pricing – choose only the modules that you need

Reason #2:

We only recommend DAM system that has great support backed by the software company. More importantly, it is being used by hundreds of companies/organisations worldwide.

Reason #3:

Local implementation and support team – located in Singapore, UTC+08:00 time zone

Reason #4:

Both on-premises and SaaS/Cloud hosting options are available

          • On-premises – the system will be hosted within your organisation network
          • SaaS/Cloud – the system will be hosted on the Internet/cloud