Coming Soon – A Digital Dark Age?

You probably have heard about the scary stories of losing digital files in a crashed computer, but you might not know of another danger which is taking place gradually. It is called technology obsolescence. For examples, the change of file format, the dropout of less popular software, the extinction of storage media, etc.

For organisations which are about to digitise all the image collections, should you worry? Yes, you should. However, you cannot stop the changes. So the right attitude is be prepared for these changes. Be prepared to migrate from one storage media to another, to convert from one image format to another or to import/export data from one software to another.

That is why at DIW, we only recommend solution that is based on open standard, popular software and hardware, with digital preservation in mind. It is only then that the digital file format, metadata, software and hardware can exist longer, and there would be more supports/choices if there is a need to change.

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