CD-R life span myth

CD-R is definitely the cheapest way of storing the digital images today. Do they really last for 100 years as what some of the manufacturers have claimed? This article from says that some of the CD-Rs can only last for 2 years.

However, we came across an article before and it mentioned that most of the CD-R read failure problems are casued during the CD writing stage. Only a small percentage of the problems are casued by the physical disc itself.

In our opinion, whether CD or DVD can last for 100 years is not an issue. Even fifty years is probably adequate. The present CD/DVD technology will definitely be replaced by new storage technology in near future anyway.

DIW believes that the key issue is to anticipate the change, plan the present image management and storage system in such a way that the images can be migrated easily in future.

We also recommend that you buy only the “branded” disc, do not use the computer when the CD is being burnt, verify the CD after burning and keep the CD away from direct sunlight.

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