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What exactly DAM can do superiorly as compared to your current way of managing digital images, videos and documents

Whenever the people we talked to understand what a DAM system is for, very often, they will say something like “Isn’t it similar to storing the digital files in our shared network folder?” “Our Web Content Management System also has a media library module.” “The application we are using provides an archive function for storing the images and documents.”  … Read more →

Have you fallen into the typical software vendor’s trap?

What you need to know when your DAM vendor promised that they can fulfil all the features you want.   DIW did not manage to secure a Digital Asset Management (DAM) project recently. The main reason is because we were given a low score for the part on Functional Requirements, while the other two vendors scored full marks. This came… Read more →

Who Should Have Access to These Digital Assets?

To be able to manage and preserve digital assets and information responsibly requires more than just having a "good software system". Internal policies must be in place for proper management of digital materials. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system fulfils both requirements. It serves not only as a good software system, it can also help you materialise and reinforce your… Read more →

Success Story: A History Lesson

DIW's new success story is reported in Australia's IDM magazine: Singpore's oldest school Raffles Institution and A History Lesson. Using Cumulus to gain tools for organisation, keyword searching, and sharing of its extensive document and image archives. Cheryl Yap, head of the Raffles Archives and Museum wanted "an integrated solution which documents visual images of our heritage and 190 years… Read more →

A Metadata Blunder: Why does this organisation has to copy & paste 20,000 records manually…

… and what lesson can you learn from here?   An organisation is going to streamline their operations by reducing some software systems that are used for managing their collections of images, manuscripts, research papers, audio and video recordings. They decide to migrate all data and digital files into a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that was installed by DIW… Read more →

Success Story: Research library’s Digital Asset Management reveals Asia from a lost era

With the help of DIW, ISEAS Library has benefited from the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system it deployed in 2010 and 2011. The library's mass digitisation of some 50,000 old slides and photographs and a growing multimedia collection resulted in a large amount of digital images and associated content requiring unprecedented institutional management. The DAM system allows the library to… Read more →