What exactly DAM can do superiorly as compared to your current way of managing digital images, videos and documents

Whenever the people we talked to understand what a DAM system is for, very often, they will say something like “Isn’t it similar to storing the digital files in our shared network folder?” “Our Web Content Management System also has a media library module.” “The application we are using provides an archive function for storing the images and documents.”  … Read more →

Have you fallen into the typical software vendor’s trap?

What you need to know when your DAM vendor promised that they can fulfil all the features you want.   DIW did not manage to secure a Digital Asset Management (DAM) project recently. The main reason is because we were given a low score for the part on Functional Requirements, while the other two vendors scored full marks. This came… Read more →

Who Should Have Access to These Digital Assets?

To be able to manage and preserve digital assets and information responsibly requires more than just having a "good software system". Internal policies must be in place for proper management of digital materials. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system fulfils both requirements. It serves not only as a good software system, it can also help you materialise and reinforce your… Read more →

Bertelsmann Foundation Improves SharePoint with Picturepark

Germany’s largest non-profit foundation provides SharePoint users with Picturepark digital asset management and search capabilities Aarau, Switzerland – 25 March 2014 – Digital asset management (DAM) software maker Picturepark has released a new case study that describes how Bertelsmann Stiftung (Foundation) leverages Picturepark DAM software to increase the DAM-related services available to its SharePoint users. In addition to replacing an… Read more →

Picturepark new release – Search within video; Search faster

Picturepark releases version 8.6 recently. We highlight two enhancements here.   Search within video As it is so easy to capture video using mobile phones and digital cameras nowadays, more customers are asking us for better ways to search videos in a DAM system. Able to browse to anywhere of a video. Nobody wants to wait for 59 minutes before… Read more →