Is Your Organisation Overwhelmed with Digital Images, Videos and Documents?

Thousands of digital images and documents stored everywhere, totally disorganised.

Spending too much time searching for an image, document, video files, etc. in response to a request.

Having difficulty in organising images and textual information that are related to your organisation’s products, services, events or publications.

Doing inefficient manual file conversion and delivery when many processes can be automated.

Lacking of systematic guidelines to preserve the digital files that contain years of acquired knowledge.


Get ready for the change

In today’s world deluge with all things born-digital, many organisations may be struggling to find an efficient way to organise the explosive growth of digital files, i.e., documents, images, videos, and audios.

This is, however, more than just organising these digital files into shared folders in the computer server.

Implementing a digital asset management software system is the most popular way to organize, retrieve, use and share all these myraid digital files now.